Friday, October 28, 2011

Emerson 11644

I was very kindly gifted this fan by a friend of my mom. These are pretty uncommon little fans, the 8 inch 'lungers' as they call them with the ribbed base don't show up to much. This one is the earlier version with the Emerson 1500 style badge, the 1500 came before the 11644 in 1909 with a stenciled on off lettering where as the circa 1910 11644 came with a cast on off lettering in the base. This fan was my first brass blade and cage fan and I got it back in June. It has new rubber feet and power cord and I cleaned up the paint with acetone and q-tips. These little guys are one of the smallest centrifigural start switch motor fans around. They have a true split phase motor with a centrifigural start switch that engages and disengages the start windings, causing them to have a distinctive rattle on start up and shut down as the points open and close. I was pretty elated to get it and it's one of my favorite fans. I left the brass in it's tarnished state as I like to keep these fans original.

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