Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's been a while: More fan updates: R&M 3500 AC/DC fan

This little fan has been found in R&M catalogs starting around 1920, depicting this model with no oil cups and a large script badge with no flag in it, later models appear to have oil cups and a badge with the flag on it and smaller R&M script inside of that flag. These are very nice running little fans with a neat and open all cast Iron construction, though the 8 inch two piece stamped steel blade is lacking a bit in construction quality. I got this from a fellow collector for $50 shipped.


  1. You have a Lovely Fan Collection. I only own one, a Beautiful Old Aqua Fan that still works but I'd want to rewire if I were to utilize it regularly, so for now it's just for display.

    Thank you for your input and opinion about re-purposed Assemblage Jewelry. I have mixed emotions about the taking apart of Vintage pieces to make Art and something new out of something old. As an Artist I can appreciate the aesthetic of utilizing vintage parts since the quality of craftsmanship cannot be matched. I personally rarely have the Heart to take something apart or break it to Create something new unless its already damaged beyond any Hope of repair or use as it was intended. I am much more grieved at what has been permanently Lost to Landfills and discarded as having no intristic value whatsoever. I'd rather see a Lovely Old piece upcycled, recycled or repurposed than discarded and Lost forever never to be appreciated in any form. But I certainly can appreciate your viewpoint as well and if you have the skillset to repair and restore then what you can do for a piece is indeed Priceless! I personally use a lot of Vintage Industrial and Appliances simply as Lovely Display pieces in Vignettes since they are so visually appealing. i abhor reproduction 'anything'... always looks so inferior and tacky to me... I'd much rather have the Real Deal even in less than pristine condition.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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